There’s a story going around, that punk-pop sensation Avril Lavigne ISN’T who you think she is. That she was replaced at the start of her career by a look a-like. It’s an internet conspiracy theory which has been eating Joanne ALIVE, and she’s going to do something about it. In this 6-part series, Joanne immerses herself in a mind-bending world of fake celebrity deaths, doppelgangers, conspiracies in an effort to understand how this rumour started, and if there’s any truth to it.

Who Replaced Avril Lavigne? Joanne McNally Investigates is produced by What’s The Story Sounds – for BBC Sounds and CBC Podcasts.

Join Vogue Williams and Joanne for a weekly chat with 100% honesty guaranteed.

My Therapist Ghosted Me is the result of Joanne’s therapist doing just that! Ignoring her calls, refusing to answer the door at the clinic, or speak to her after she’d tracked him down at Enfield crematorium as he scattered his Aunt’s ashes. Despite it all, it’s often said that friends give the best therapy so Vogue and Joanne have teamed up to do exactly that (alongside a generous helping of laughter as that too is said to be the best form of therapy). Together they will give 100% unqualified, unsubstantiated but up front and honest advice on the plethora of issues they and many others continue to grapple with.

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